We automate stuff
so you don't have to do it.

Our cloud-based low-code approach allows for rapid process re-design and deployment of nimble automations that increase capacity, reduce costs, and establish control. We save our clients from inefficient processes, misaligned applications, and dead-end legacy business systems.

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Simplify, automate, and transform
your business

Eliminate back-office processes, reduce time-consuming tasks, and automate business activities to focus on what matter most: your customers.


Plan & select

We are problem solvers. We work with you to find an existing {cloud-based API-enabled} app or apps that will address your challenge.

Reduce the uncertainty of change by relying on our experience.


Implement & integrate

Once we have selected a solution, our team implements the chosen apps and make them speak to each other in a seamless, automated way.

Realise value quicker with agile implementation of no-code solutions.


Grow & support

Get the most out of your investment by being able to rely on it with our support. As with all new technology, change and updates are inevitable.

Contact us to find out more about the various support options we have available.

Api-enabled apps we specialise in


What our Clients Say

Innovative problem solvers! And committed to finding elegant, fit-for-purpose solutions that challenge conventional thinking where required. Highly responsive and quick turnaround while committed to delivering quality outcomes.
Cor and his team do an amazing job. They are resourceful, fair, and get things done on time and within budget. They are also a lot of fun and easy to work with. Highly recommend!
Cor helped us develop an end to end workflow and communication tool using existing tools already developed, but yet applying custom workflows that help our business run better. Even though we are in the U.S. and the company is based in South Africa, communication was excellent. Highly recommended!!
Great company to work with. Highly motivated and intelligent group of people with unique skills that come together to help you boost your business.Highly recommended
Having no prior knowledge of managing a development project, Prettysim.pl and Cor took me by the hand and very patiently and professionally led me through the jungle of my project. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with them and even though we were on very different time zones, they stayed very flexible and responsive. The end product is elegant and simple given the fact that we had many limitations and restrictions. I am trying to find any excuse to work with them again!!!!
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Business process automation and app integration is the name of our game. We integrate your standard, run of the mill, off-the-shelf, out of the box cloud-based API-enabled, webhook capable apps and help them talk to each other.

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