We work with you to reduce your manual admin burden and increase customer value

plan & select apps

plan & select

Reduce the uncertainty of change by relying on our experience and understanding of this space.

implement & integrate apps

implement & integrate

Realize value quicker through agile implementation of no-code solutions.

grow & support integrations

grow & support

Get the most out of your investment by being able to rely on it with our support.

Apps we use to automate stuff, so you don't have to do it.

We love doing cool stuff and don't like doing it alone

Our number one goal is to make sure we solve our clients’ challenges and do so with the best possible automated solutions.

Because we don’t know everything and definitely can’t do everything, we have partnered with like-minded people that have skills, experience and additional capacity so that we can take on projects we would not be able to do on our own.

We have also found that, while there are thousands of apps available, there are category-leaders that we prefer to use.  Where possible we have registered with them to make sure we understand their offering and have their priority support when needed.

Like-minded organizations we are affiliated with:
Trusted apps we are certified partners of:
Cool apps we love and regularly use:

Life at prettysimpl is good, meaningful and worthwhile

We strive to create and maintain an environment where our customers, employees, suppliers and communities are enabled to be the very best they can be, while also being valued for who they are.

We want to persistently deepen, widen, grow and expand our knowledge


Ready to get stuff done?

We will automate it, so you don't have to do it. Let us help you plan, select, implement and integrate the apps best suited to your business. Send us a WhatsApp message, or contact us via our online form.
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Ready to get stuff done?

We will automate it, so you don't have to do it. Let us help you plan, select, implement and integrate the apps best suited to your business. Send us a WhatsApp message, or contact via our online form.
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