Our global experience in various industries and access to a diverse set of tools and approaches allow us to bring foresight, confidence and peace-of-mind in the most complex and chaotic situations. Customers choose to work with Prettysimpl because:

We have experience in Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, and Government in the UK, the USA, Finland, Namibia and South Africa.

We leverage a combination of creative and operational skill-sets and approaches like Lean, Six Sigma, Design Thinking, Human Centred Design and Service Design.

We thrive in complexity bringing order, predictability and simplicity through a methodical yet responsive approach adapted for each setting and situation.

We focus not only on strategies but also on the agile and sustainable execution of these strategies.

Our areas of expertise include

  • Business strategy and how they are enabled through operations,
  • Cloud-based business systems and integrations,
  • Product development and innovation,
  • Transformation and implementation program development and execution.
  • Program and project management.
  • Corporate identity design and templatizing to ensure coherence of brand elements,
  • Design of web-based business elements,
  • Print and publication design,
  • Program and project management.

Our experience and training

Lean  |  Six Sigma  |  Design Thinking  |  Customer Experience  |  Service Design  |  Book and Publishing Design  |  Information Design

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