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We have grown since the early days and now have a dynamic ensemble of dedicated professionals, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to the table.


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Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Cape Town, lived Pretty and Simpl. Pretty was known for her love of all things aesthetically appealing, a firm believer that the world could always use a little more refinement, elegance, and visual harmony. On the other hand, Simpl was the avatar of pragmatism, who lived by the guiding principle, "there has to be a simpler way."

Pretty would spend her days meticulously crafting visually stunning pieces of design, whereas Simpl was always on the hunt for quick, efficient solutions to everyday challenges. People often found themselves caught between Pretty's artistry and Simpl's functionality. And while the city enjoyed the unique attributes each provided, they desired a combination of both, craving solutions that were both beautiful and practical.

Over the course of many months, Pretty and Simpl found themselves engaging in numerous conversations, often during leisurely walks together. These dialogues, imbued with light-hearted friendly banter, revolved around their dissimilar perspectives, specifically the tussle between beauty and functionality. As time passed, they began to truly understand the beauty in the overlap between their different viewpoints. Pretty, enamoured by Simpl’s knack for uncluttered solutions, began embracing the value of simplicity more and more. Simultaneously, Simpl started to value the joy and aesthetic appeal that Pretty's designs instilled, appreciating the beauty they contributed to the world.

An idea struck them, "What if we combine our forces? What if we could create solutions that are not just beautiful or simple, but beautifully simple?" They looked at each other, their eyes sparkling with the anticipation of a newfound venture.

With a flurry of activity prettysimpl was born. There were times when Pretty and Simpl disagreed, but they kept in mind their shared goal and learned how to complement each other. It was a process of trial and error - sometimes hilarious, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding (ask us about our disastrous salad bar...).

Everyone was thrilled. 

The past decade's journey has taught prettysimpl a crucial lesson: our best solutions emerge when beauty intertwines with simplicity. It's akin to meticulously cutting and polishing a raw diamond, enhancing its brilliance. It is a lesson learned with a whole lot of laughter, a few hiccups, and an unwavering belief in the power of collaboration.

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