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Imagine having total control over your digital world in and around the workings of your emails! Controlling your customer experience, information flow, and even branding your website links. 

During a typical workday, most of us send a few dozen emails, many containing important links and attachments. Once we hit that send button, we have no control over what happens to that email. We don't know whether it was received or read, the attachments or links opened, or the email forwarded. Even read receipts aren’t effective, since the guy on the other end can choose not to click that button.

email tracking

Imagine this scenario: your client insists that you send that proposal by Friday afternoon. Monday morning, you phone him to follow up, only to find out that it’s at the bottom of his inbox, unopened and completely forgotten. So, you resend it and wait. Two days later, you phone him again, but he says he never got the email. Sound familiar? We know that feeling too.

So, we created an app to deal with the issue. Our link automation allows you to track emails and the links and attachments you send with them. Every time that email is opened, you receive a notification, and the same goes for any links and attachments included.

How does this change things?

First, you’ll know that your client never opened the email during the weekend, so you can send a reminder to bump things to the top of his inbox. Then, every time he opens it, you’ll know, so you can follow up.

What if he already opened the email four times and didn’t get back to you? This could mean that there’s an issue with the information you sent him, and you can ask him about it. Address the issue and move on with business instead of playing the helpless waiting game.

Link automation gives you control over the customer journey. When you know your client is reading through your proposal, you can phone him while he’s busy with it, ask him questions, or have him ask you questions while the information is fresh in his mind. This approach streamlines the process, speeding things up and opening communication in a way that wasn’t possible before. Imagine how great your customer’s experience will be!

protect confidentiality

How about this scenario: you send a proposal to a client, and don’t hear back from them. Then, you hear someone else got the job via the grapevine, using your idea! Your proposal was forwarded to someone who sent it to someone who leaked it to a competitor. How can you protect your invaluable intellectual resources?

We had that same question, so we found a solution through link automation. Two options will help you out: you could create a single-click link, or you could create a link that expires after a set time.

Single-click links expire after the first time they’re clicked on. So, your client can view your proposal once, after which the link won’t work anymore. This means that whoever the email is forwarded to won’t be able to open the link and view your confidential information.

Link expiry allows you to set a time limit on the link, after which it won’t work anymore. This works well if you want clients to interact with your information for, say, the next week but no longer than that.

When sending a link to someone, it can appear very clumsy in an email or text since these links are usually quite long. So, many people use link shortening to make things look pretty. But what if you could brand that link with your company name? We found an answer: Rebrandly. This platform lets you shorten links and put your company name right in there. Now, whoever looks at your links will know exactly where that link will take them and elevate brand awareness.

Speaking of links, why not streamline things even further? Most of us have had the dubious privilege of completing a long-winded online form. 

Each time you click on the form's link, you're directed to the first page and must scroll through the entire document to find where you left off. This is pretty frustrating, so we created a link flow. Now when you click on the link, you get directed to the exact place you left off in your last session.

Link flow doesn't just work for forms. It can work for any digitised process, such as new employee onboarding and drip marketing campaigns, and you can customise it to your heart’s content. 

Imagine a marketing campaign linked to a single QR code across all platforms. You're redirected to the brand's home page when scanning that QR code for the first time. When scanning it again, you're redirected to the brand's current competition page. Every time you scan the code, you're redirected to the next step in the campaign journey, making the flow seamless and simplifying the marketing team's job. They can track all user engagement with the QR code, figuring out what works and where the campaign should be spruced up a bit.

automated emails

We can take this even further. Say a client asks you for a link to a specific web page. To send it to them, you have to copy the link, paste it into an email, and type the email explaining that this is the link they asked for. We automated this process to save you time and energy and allow you to track traffic on that link. Here's how:

Link automation lets you generate a link to any site and then shorten and brand the URL. Next, you enter your client's email address and hit send. The app sends an automated email to your client, following a template you set up in advance. When they click on the link, you receive a notification so that you can track all traffic on that link.

what if I don't speak tech?

Will you be able to do it yourself? How technical is this?

Don't worryl! In this instance our apps of choice were Airtable and Rebrandly’s platforms, which we connected using Make.

  • Airtable is a powerful, cloud-based spreadsheet-database hybrid. This low-code platform allows for seamless collaboration in building custom apps to streamline and customise workflow.
  • Rebrandly, a cloud-based platform, allows you to shorten and brand links. You can create descriptive links to your entire domain and brand them with your company name. Anyone viewing the link address would know at first glance what the link is.
  • Make is a powerful no-code integration and automation platform. It lets us create a visual workflow that matches any process they can imagine. Basically, we can stitch together any functionality from any app we choose, customising a system to match the process we designed.

We used no-code automation to build the app and made it super user-friendly. You don’t need to understand programming or anything technical to use the product. Click a few buttons on the dashboard we built, and voila! Your links work (and expire) exactly when and how you want them to.

What if your company could break away from the cookie-cutter world, and set themselves apart with customised processes that just make sense? Your business model would be so much better, and you’ll have control over the entire process. Sounds good, right?

Contact us. Let’s talk about breaking your company out of the mould, setting you apart, and getting link automation to work for you.

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