Life has become technology-driven, and to a large extent, it has made our lives a lot easier. Imagine driving without real-time maps, or answering an unknown question without a search engine? So why is our office work still mainly done manually? Is there an app that would make your office admin happen automatically?

Technology-driven office environments

There are also a lot of positives in introducing technology and apps into the office environment. However, a recent Harvard study shows that too many apps at work will reduce your efficiency. Introducing new technologies into your office environment should be to the advantage of the workers and business. So the question is, how do we get it right?

Asking the right questions

When choosing a new app or technology, first look at the big picture and ask which problem you want this app to address. Not all apps are equal! While the world of apps is still quite young, there are a lot of teams dedicated to enhancing and improving their offering week-by-week. Therefore, it is essential to choose something that is specifically built to solve the problem you have.

Secondly, ask whether the app you are choosing fits in with the system you already have in place. What the learning curve will be in terms of uptake, and how much disruption it will cause.

Thirdly, ask if there is a solution that will reduce, rather than increase, the manual admin burden on your staff.

Implementing your newly chosen app

Once you have carefully considered the implications of adding a new app to your arsenal and selected the one you want to go with, you are halfway there. Now you are ready to go down the road of implementation. Apps come with varying steps and instructions, and complications will invariably arise, however, do not grow weary. Remember your end goal: you are trying to solve a particular problem.

One more step – get it to work for you automatically

Yes, it is possible. We believe that a sound, integrated system will improve your productivity and reduce your manual admin burden. To our knowledge, there are at least 3000 standard, run of the mill, off-the-shelf, out of the box cloud-based API-enabled, webhook capable apps on the market. And it is entirely possible to make them “talk to each other”.

A few words of caution

It is imperative that when you introduce a new system or app, you find one that fits in with the workflow you already have. As it would be a lot harder on you and your co-workers when you add a new element that fundamentally changes the way you already do things. Unless, of course, that was your plan from the beginning.

Remember, it takes time! You will probably not experience an overnight miracle. But if you keep heart, the change is well worth the wait.