Surely there has to be a way to reduce the manual admin burden you encounter every day. We believe there is.

Let me give you a for-instance

There’s this Automation company that was drowning in admin and billing, let’s call them Fred. Every time Fred signs up a new client, there is a boatload of manual admin that he needs to do. Forms need to be filled in, billing information needs to be captured and double-checked, and billable hours need to be project managed. By the time Fred is finished, he doesn’t have time for the real work, which means it will need to wait till tonight, or tomorrow (sigh).

Fred is sure there has to be a better way than spending all of their days (or nights) dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s. So instead of spending another minute on manually entering all of his latest client details into his CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, Fred goes and builds an integrated, automated solution.

How the automation works

PS client on-boarding journey

First, you capture the details of a new client onto your database (CRM) via an online form. After the form is filled in, you press the submit button, and the magic starts happening. Behind the scenes, there is an integration that automatically goes through all the steps you would have spent time on.

  1. Create all the relevant folders on your Google Drive – client numbers, project codes and a standard folder structure all distributed to the correct places.
  2. Then create the matching projects in the timekeeping app for quick selection.
  3. Next, send the new client a pre-populated contract with all the relevant details.
  4. Once the client has signed their new contract online, save a pdf copy of the document on the CRM system for future reference.
  5. Lastly, capture the new client’s details on the accounting platform for future billing.

What the team sees

Every day Fred comes in and works on this new project and captures the time spent via the timekeeping app. The first thing the next morning, the new client receives an automatic email update on the progress. Now the new client (and Fred) has a real-time overview of the hours spent, the billable hours, as well as the running total. 

Everyone has visibility on where the time and money is going and has the opportunity to raise any red flags as soon as they come up. And at the end of every month, the client receives a system-generated invoice. 

Now, all that is left for Fred to do is spend time and effort on the real work. There is a way to forget about the admin that makes the system run smoothly. How amazing that there is a way to reduce the manual admin burden you encounter every day.