Frequently asked questions

If you are thinking about automating your business or considering integrating your business apps, but have a few questions, then this is for you.

Before you start automating your business you should know that solutions are quick, change takes time and shit happens! #noughsaid

Generally, we charge $60 per hour. We work on an hourly basis where we provide an estimate but then update you daily on progress and prices.

Under the right circumstances, we will work on a fixed fee basis. However, a fixed fee project must include a detailed scope and plan for the work at an agreed total cost.

Context, problems and honest as well as timely feedback!

We do our best work when you tell us what it is that you would like to achieve. Once we know what the problem is, we can use our skill and experience to propose the best possible solution to address it – while keeping your budget in mind.

All of our completed projects have a 30-day guarantee (T&C apply). If anything breaks during this time, we will fix it at our cost. 

The nature of business is that things change. If changes are the cause of any of our solutions breaking, we are always willing to help make sure it keeps delivering as expected. However, we will handle these updates in our standard process at our standard rates.

Lastly, if our solutions have an impact on your business-critical processes, we have options available for priority support – please talk to us.

  • Plan – we collectively understand your requirements from which we design a possible solution and agree on a way forward.
  • Do – we implement and set up the agreed solution.
  • Test – we test and where necessary, adjust the implemented solution. The devil is in the detail, and there are ALWAYS minor bugs. In most cases, the systems we use will point these out and enable us to quickly and efficiently resolve them.
  • Repeat – we prefer to work in small, short iterations splitting more significant initiatives into smaller, manageable, less risky parts. Smaller iterations enable us to make functionality available to the business quickly so that you can start getting a return on your investment.

We have found, even in our own business, that once you realise the benefits of automating manual admin tasks, you will want more, so be warned.