If you haven't met us yet, here is what you should know about Prettysim.pl

Prettysim.pl is a Business System Integration and Process Automation consultancy. We have spent the last four years at the bleeding edge of business systems integration and process automation, specifically focusing on the selection, implementation and integration of cloud-based API-enabled applications.

Our experience

Premature adopters by nature, we play with new apps for fun and love sharing what we learn and know. We have a growing list of 100+ apps we have worked with and numerous clients from New Zealand to Hawaii, from Finland to Cape Town and everything in between. Our clients range in size and industry from coffee shops, salad bars and medical practices to global real estate companies, financial services and telcos.

Our approach

We are not developers; we are problem solvers. We listen. Then work with you to find an existing app or apps that will address the challenge. And then, we make them speak to each other in a seamless, automated way. We generally follow an agile approach (solving problems in short bursts rather than one long project) using low and no-code platforms as the glue between cloud-based, API-enabled apps. We tend to build long-term relationships with our clients and would like to think we become like part of the family.

Our skills

Industrial Engineering, Business Improvement, Service Design, Visual Communication and Graphic Design, Program and Project Management.

Have a project in mind?
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Our home is in Cape Town, South Africa, although we do work across the globe in multiple timezones.

+27 21 300 1900